Claire Schultz-Mace

Having a healthy digestive system is so much more important than just ensuring your dog has firm stools and less flat...

Seasonal Awareness: Autumn

Claire Schultz-Mace

Autumn is the season of shorter days, muddy walks and the chill of winter just around the corner. It also brings certain risks to our dogs. Here is the Autarky guide to help you know what to look out for.

Remember, remember... to keep your dogs calm this November!

Claire Schultz-Mace

80% of owners notice a change in their dog's behaviour during fireworks season and nearly half of those say they are scared of them.  Dogs have much better hearing than us so loud bangs can be deafening to them! Here are some tips for helping them cope.

Meet Autarky fan, Oakley

Emily Wardle

We caught up with rescue Sprollie Oakley’s owner, Beth Green, to hear all about why Oakley is #ActiveWithAutarky What...

Meet Autarky fan, Belle

Emily Wardle

We caught up with Border Collie, Belle’s owner, Lisa Johnson, to hear all about why Belle is #ActiveWithAutarky Which...

Meet Autarky fan, Harry

Emily Wardle

We caught up with Labrador Harry’s owner, Rachel Sunderland, to hear all about why Harry is #ActiveWithAutarky What A...

Stomach Sensitivities; a delicate issue

James Ireland

A delicate digestive tract is more common than you may think but the causes behind it are often multifactorial, if yo...

What's in a bag of Autarky?

James Ireland

No matter if your dog is destined for the flyball lanes, the agility circuit or walking to heel as your loyal compani...

Top tips for keeping your dog’s coat healthy in winter

Emily Wardle

During the winter months, it’s important to make sure our dogs’ coats are kept in tip top condition. Winter weather, ...

A guide to feeding your older dog

Emily Wardle

As our dogs reach their twilight years, we want them to remain as happy and healthy as possible. Nutrition is a key e...

5 steps to get your overweight dog back in tip-top condition

James Ireland

They say that the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach and it’s safe to say that the old saying also appl...

6 ways to keep your active dog happy & healthy this winter

James Ireland

Keeping your energetic dog happy, healthy and stimulated during the winter can be an uphill struggle! Here are Autark...

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