Meet Autarky fan, Oakley

We caught up with rescue Sprollie Oakley’s owner, Beth Green, to hear all about why Oakley is #ActiveWithAutarky

What Autarky feed is Oakley’s favourite?

“As Oakley is eight years old now we now opt for Autarky Mature-Lite Succulent Salmon.”

Why did you choose Autarky?

“Even as an older dog, Oakley is super high in energy and an active boy so I needed a feed that would be able to match that. Autarky is the perfect fit for us.”

Since feeding Oakley Autarky, what benefits have you noticed?

“He’s maintained his weight. Before switching, we often struggled to keep the weight on him. We’ve also noticed his coat is a lot shiner and his energy levels are always up.”

Do you use Autarky in any way other than a normal meal?

“Apart from his daily meals, we use it for trick training, as treats when out walking and with Oakley’s enrichment games, such as lickimats, snuffle mats and treat rollers.”

What image best describes Oakley’s reaction when he sees his Autarky dinner?

“Whenever Oakley hears the Autarky bag rustle, his eyes literally double in size and he has a huge smile on his face.”

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