Meet Autarky fan, Belle

We caught up with Border Collie, Belle’s owner, Lisa Johnson, to hear all about why Belle is #ActiveWithAutarky

Which Autarky feed is Belle’s favourite?

“It would have to be Autarky Succulent Salmon.”

Why did you choose Autarky?

“With Belle being an active dog, often doing hiking and agility, I needed her to be on the best diet. I did some research into the ingredients in dog food and found that Autarky had one of the highest qualities. Belle has been a fussy eater from a puppy, and we tried pretty much every brand/type of food. However, thankfully, Belle has stuck with Autarky for over a year now.”

Since feeding Belle Autarky, what benefits have you noticed?

“Belle’s coat has become shiner, softer and fluffier. She was also on the skinny side before we switched to Autarky and her weight has improved since.”

Do you use Autarky in any way other than a normal meal?

“I often use it when doing tricks and obedience training with Belle.”

What image best describes Belle’s reaction when she sees her Autarky dinner?

“A happy food dance! Belle now looks forward to her meals and actually finishes them.”


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