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5 steps to get your overweight dog back in tip-top condition

James Ireland

They say that the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach and it’s safe to say that the old saying also appl...

When should I transition my puppy onto an adult dog food?

James Ireland

Just like children, every puppy is different and they don’t all grow at the same rate. Dogs belonging to the smaller ...

What should I feed my dog that has diarrhoea?

James Ireland

Dogs can suffer from diarrhoea for various reasons, eating something unusual, over-eating, stress, change ...

Feeding the older dog with Autarky

James Ireland

Just like you, your dog’s needs will change as they grow older and their nutrition becomes increasingly important. Th...

Autarky gives local rescue dogs a special Christmas delivery!

James Ireland

Rescue dogs in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough have received an extra-special delivery from Autarky, just in time for...

Autarky #28DayChallenge – the results!

James Ireland

Autarky #28DayChallenge – the results! We recently challenged four owners to gradually switch their active dogs’ diet...

6 ways to keep your active dog happy & healthy this winter

James Ireland

Keeping your energetic dog happy, healthy and stimulated during the winter can be an uphill struggle! Here are Autark...

5 tips to keep your dog safe and sound this Bonfire Night

James Ireland

Unfortunately, Bonfire Night isn’t as exciting for dogs as it is for us owners! For our canine companions, the noise ...

Getting into dog agility – top tips from agility star Anthony Clarke

James Ireland

Getting into dog agility –  top tips from Anthony Clarke Ever considered giving dog agility a go? It’s a great activi...

Getting into Flyball

James Ireland

We at Autarky love seeing posts from members of active canine sports including Agility, Flyball and CaniCross so we t...
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