Meet Autarky fan, Harry

We caught up with Labrador Harry’s owner, Rachel Sunderland, to hear all about why Harry is #ActiveWithAutarky

What Autarky feed if Harry’s favourite?

“Harry would always go for the Adult Delicious Chicken; he absolutely loves it.”

Why did you choose Autarky?

“Harry tried a sample of the puppy food when he was younger and loved it right away. He seemed to take to it really well. It has a good nutritional rating and Harry’s coat has never been shinier since. He’s always excited for his dinner, which is great as I know a lot of dogs can go off the chose food, but Harry never has!”

Since feeding Harry Autarky, what benefits have you noticed?

 “Harry’s coat is the shiniest it’s EVER been. He gets so many compliments on it and also about his shape. He’s a slender and muscly dog, and I genuinely think we have Autarky to thank for keeping him in that shape, especially as chocolate Labs can be known to carry weight. He also has so much energy.”

Do you use Autarky in any way other than a normal meal?

“We use Autarky in canine enrichment games, inside Kongs and the famous B&M snake. We also scatter it in the garden and use it as training treats on walks mixed with salmon pate.”

What image best describes Harry’s reaction when he see’s his Autarky dinner?

“EXCITED! Instant drool and doing every trick he knows, in anticipation of being asked before his dinner.”

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