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Your dog is made up of many different types of protein which is found in their muscles, skin, hair and even some hormones. Protein is made up of building blocks called amino acids. Therefore, protein quality is a vital element to help provide the correct ratio of amino acids to meet the needs of the animal.

Chicken, Lamb or Fish Meal
Chicken, lamb and fish meal is heat-dried, which means most of the moisture and some of the fat have been removed, leaving a concentrated source of valuable protein that is bacteriologically safe.

Joint Support
Within the two grain-free recipes, there is a unique joint care package, which provide nutrients to support joint health and mobility.

Each bag of Autarky includes an herbal blend to enhance aroma, palatability and natural antioxidants.

Maize is a useful ingredient and certainly no filler! Contrary to popular belief, maize is very rarely associated with allergies in dogs, so makes a very useful cereal. Maize is a rich source of carbohydrates, providing energy and dietary fibre, as well as some essential fatty acids (important for cell membrane, skin and coat health).

Natural Antioxidants
In the process of hard-work and training, an active dog’s metabolism creates excess free radicals, through the process of oxidation. Therefore, a blend of additional antioxidants is there to help ‘mop-up’ those free radicals and provide further support to your dog’s own physiological systems.

No Artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
We protect all our recipes with a natural antioxidant package, which helps ensure that each bowl is as fresh as the day it was packed.

Prairie Meal
Prairie meal is not a cheap source of protein, but has a very special amnio acid profile, which can be used to balance an animal protein diet for muscle support and helps maintain coat colour.

Grain Free
It is important to understand that dogs are carnivorous-omnivores not true carnivores, so it is no surprise cereal grains can form a valuable proportion of a dog’s diet. However, for those dogs who have an intolerance to the protein in grains, a grain free diet may be more appropriate.

When the term is used it is with the intention of indication that the ingredients used with that dog food are less likely to cause a dietary reaction. It does not mean that the food is universally useful with all dogs with allergies. It will depend upon what they are allergic to.

Wheat-gluten and soya free
All Autarky diets have been formulated to exclude wheat-gluten and soya. These two ingredients are perceived by some and reported by others to be one of the more common causes of allergies in dogs.

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