Top tips for keeping your dog’s coat healthy in winter

During the winter months, it’s important to make sure our dogs’ coats are kept in tip top condition. Winter weather, such as rain or snow, can leave dogs’ coats susceptible to matting and tangling. Not only is this uncomfortable for our active canines, but it also reduces the coat’s insulating properties. 

To ensure your dog’s coat is winter-ready, our team of leading canine experts have shared their top tips for coat maintenance.

Nutrition your dog needs for a healthy coat

The benefits of a healthy, balanced diet apply to your dog’s coat, too. Just like human hair, our dogs’ fur is predominantly made up of protein and keratin, so the right feed can support their overall coat condition.

Choosing a balanced feed with high-quality protein is essential. Autarky has a range of feeds with sources of quality protein, such as salmon, white fish, turkey and chicken, that can support a healthy coat.

Fatty acids, such as Omega 3 and Omega 6, and B vitamins are great for your dog’s coat condition — both of which are included in Autarky feeds. 

The importance of grooming your dog’s coat

Grooming your dog’s coat is important all year round, but it becomes essential when the harsh winter weather leaves our dogs’ fur prone to matting. Regular brushing will help keep their fur free from tangles and debris — especially for those with a longer, fluffier or double coat.

Tools such as a fine comb, a wide-toothed metal comb and a soft slicker brush will be essential additions to your grooming kit. However, always make sure you have the right brush to suit your dog’s coat type.

It’s important to use a shampoo that’s right for your dog’s fur — for example, a dog with sensitive skin will need a soothing shampoo, while a curly-haired dog will need a specially formulated one. Using a pet conditioner can also help to nourish the skin and coat.

Before you begin a grooming session, it’s important to check your dog over for any lumps, bumps, cuts and grazes that may be affecting their skin or coat health.

Keeping a close eye

Every owner knows that a bit of cold weather won’t stop our dogs getting active in the outdoors. However, keeping an eye on our dogs’ coat after a long walk or a game of fetch will ensure it remains in good condition for the winter months.

If dogs get any plant matter in their fur, such as twigs or sticky leaves, they’ll likely begin to lick or nibble at it; however, this isn’t always healthy for them. It’s important for owners to keep on top of any bits of debris in their fur and remove them as soon as they return from outside. A bristle brush is useful for removing any twigs, leaves or other debris from your dog’s coat.

To discover Autarky’s range of high-quality, natural balanced feeds, visit here.

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