Working from Home Star - Loki


Loki and his owner, Alex, have always had a very special bond. However, three years ago, Alex was diagnosed with a condition called POTs, causing spontaneous blackouts. Sometimes Alex’s body gives her warning and other times it doesn’t.

 Since working from home, Alex told us: “I have realised how in tune Loki is with me, to the point that he has taught himself to let me know when a blackout is approaching. This means I’m able to get to a safe space or take steps to avoid it happening.”

 Loki is constantly watching Alex, even when out on their daily walks. Thanks to Loki, Alex has avoided many stitches and trips to the hospital in the past year. We asked Alex what her standout moment was during lockdown and she said: “I was hanging out my washing, with quite a big drop from where I was standing. Loki was running up and down the steps crying at me, hitting his nose into my leg. I hadn’t made the connection that this was a warning as I felt ok at the time. At first, I thought he’d hurt himself; however, within a few seconds, I began to feel unwell. Thankfully, due to Loki, I was able to lay down in the garden keeping safe and when I came round Loki had alerted my housemate.”

 Since working from home, Loki has helped Alex drastically with her fainting. When he alerts Alex, she’s often able to change her position until the danger has passed. Alex said: “I would love to say it’s training, but I can’t take the credit for my amazing Loki — he taught himself out of love and loyalty to keep me safe.”

 Alex then went on to say: “Loki is an incredible dog, who is open to new experiences and whatever we try, whether it be mantrailing, rally obedience or keeping me safe, he always gives it his all, teaching me so we can work together as a team.”

 If you think Loki deserves to win the Working from Home category, putting him in the running for the title of Autarky Hardest Working Dog 2021, then make sure to cast your vote here.


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