The Kennel - Senior Finalist: Oakley

We caught up with Oakley’s owner, Beth, all about her active companion and what it would mean for him to join the Autarky team.

Q. Why would you like Oakley to be a part of The Kennel?

 A. “I would love Oakley to be part of the Kennel because, despite his age, Oakley is still a very keen adventurer and can often be found hiking up and down the beautiful hills of the Peak District with me.

“Autarky is a food that considers his age whilst still recognising that he is a very active boy is the perfect combination to keep him in the best shape possible for covering many miles of varied landscapes.”

Q. What’s Oakley’s favourite activity and why?

A. “Oakley's ultimate favourite thing is long hikes, especially in the hills. The Peak District has become our second home and we can also be found exploring further afield, such as the Lake District, North Yorkshire and the summit of Mount Snowdon! Oakley is a rescue Sprollie and, unfortunately, before I adopted him, his previous life consisted of either being locked in a crate or outside, resulting in him never leaving the house.


“However, over these last two years, we have certainly made up for all of those missed adventures and I'm determined to show him more of the amazing world around him.”


Q. Tell us a fun fact about Oakley that might surprise people?

A. “Oakley recently completed a 60-mile hike over five days down the North Yorkshire Coastline for charity. We had an amazing time, although Oakley's weird and wonderful fear had to be faced... he's absolutely petrified of feathers, which are pretty hard to avoid when you're surrounded by seagulls!”

Q. How would you describe your dog in three words?

A. “Adventurous, loyal, and loving.” 


Find out more about Oakley on Instagram: @oakleys.adventures_



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