The Kennel - Senior Finalist: Meg

We caught up with Meg’s owner, Rebecca, all about her active companion and what it would mean for them to join the Autarky team.

Q. Why would you like Meg to be a part of The Kennel?

A. “I would love for Meg to be part of a team showcasing Autarky and how it supports active dogs. Meg would be the perfect ambassador as she is nine and a half years old and fit as a fiddle. She does agility every week, we walk for at least six miles each day, we run together three times a week, and she is a mountain goat! She grew up in the mountains of Snowdonia and loves nothing more than climbing mountains all day.”

Q. What’s Meg’s favourite activity and why?

A. “Meg loves running, whether that is running along a beach, up a mountain, around an agility field, or chasing a ball — the faster the better. She does everything at 100 mph and always has. People are always surprised when I tell them her age — they never believe she is nine years old as she certainly doesn't act it.

Q. Tell us a fun fact about Meg that might surprise people.

A. “Meg has climbed to the summit of Snowdon 10 times.”

Q. How would you describe your dog in three words?

A. “Clever, loyal, crazy.”



Find out more about Meg on Instagram: @meg_adventure_collie

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