The Kennel - Junior Finalist: Lord Byron

We chatted to Lord Byron’s owner, Joana, all about her active companion and what it would mean for them to join the Autarky team.

Q. Why would you like Lord Bryon to be a part of The Kennel?    

A. “Springer Spaniels are known for their intelligence, energy levels, and need to be outdoors. Once he's fully grown, we want to introduce him to activities such as agility courses and retrieve training. On weekends, we try to visit as many different parks as possible and National Trust sites for him to explore different paths and scents. We will have lots of interesting and dynamic material of a super happy and active dog to share with our audience.

“Autarky seems like the ideal nutrition for Byron's needs — we identify ourselves with the '100%  natural goodness' statement and we want to give Byron the best natural nutrition for a well-balanced diet.” 

Q. What’s Lord Byron’s favourite activity and why?

A. “Byron's favourite activity is exploring the woods. Like any good old spaniel, Byron loves following scents for miles, running up and down, until he finds whatever he was looking for or until he finds yet another scent to follow. This can go on for hours and there's no ball thrown that will distract him from his path. This and unsuccessfully chasing squirrels — his face when they disappear up the trees is priceless.”

Q. Tell us a fun fact about Lord Byron that might surprise people.

A. “Byron’s a little mischievous thief. He steals everything he finds on the floor, be it socks, trainers, T-shirts, receipts, sticks, or pebbles. He even proudly showed up in the kitchen once with a dead pigeon he found in the garden.”

Q. How would you describe your dog in three words?

A. “He's a stick-muncher, a serial-farter, and a sloppy-kisser!” 

Find out more about Lord Byron on Instagram: @lordbyron_thespaniel

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