The Kennel - Junior Finalist: Hades

We caught up with Hades’ owner, Megan, all about her active companion and what it would mean for them to join the Autarky team.

Q. We would you like Hades to be a part of The Kennel?

A. “I would like Hades to be part of ‘The Kennel’ because he’s been fed on Autarky since he started the weaning process. It’s been great for his development and his coat is super glossy. I get compliments on how well built he is already for his age.”

“I think he would make a great ambassador for you as he’s a young and very active puppy. We always try to go on new adventures as he loves to explore the new sights and sounds.”

Q. What’s Hades’ favourite activity and why?

A. “Learning new tricks. I hope that, when he’s older, we can start doing agility as he likes to jump over objects. He’s a very fast learner and doesn’t take longer than five minutes to learn something new.” 

Q. Tell us a fun fact about Hades that might surprise people.

A. “Every time we pass a high wall, he has to jump onto it and walk along otherwise he throws a tantrum!

Q. How would you describe your dog in three words?

A. “Energetic, dopey, smart. 

Find out more Hades on Instagram: @the_smiley_shepherds_of_essex


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