The Kennel - Adult Finalist: Matilda and Ziggy

We caught up with Matilda and Ziggy’s owner, Toni, all about her active companions and what it would mean for them to join the Autarky team.

Q. We would you like Matilda and Ziggy to be a part of The Kennel?

A. “We’ve had a rocky road through Matilda’s first couple years, with lots of trouble maintaining her weight as well as overall fussiness. Autarky is the first brand we’ve tried that has simultaneously solved both issues. Both Matilda and Ziggy are in perfect condition — to the point that our vet has commented about it! Equally important is that both absolutely love their meals. In addition, I love the ethos of the brand and the fact that I know my dogs are getting great quality food.” 

Q. What’s Matilda and Ziggy’s favourite activity and why?

A. “Matilda and Ziggy’s number one love in life is going on adventures with the family. Whether it’s hiking through the mountains, picnics in the park, or swimming at the beach — they come everywhere with us. Until recently, Matilda also absolutely loved agility — though a recent fractured elbow means that she won’t be able to do this anymore, so our new sport is going to be mantrailing or search and rescue. Ziggy thinks tennis balls are life!

Q. Tell us a fun fact about Matilda and Ziggy that might surprise people.

A. “Matilda is a registered Pets As Therapy dog. We often visit the local care home’s dementia ward, where she never fails to bring a smile!

“Ziggy’s nickname is the ‘Land Shark’ — mostly because, as a pup, he stole ALL the kids’ toys and was always prowling about on the hunt for new ‘victims’.”

Q. How would you describe your dogs in three words?

A. “Matilda — Princess, bird chaser. Ziggy — the third musketeer.”

Find out more about Matilda and Ziggy on Instagram: @springers_tilly_and_ziggy


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