The Kennel - Adult Finalist: Belle

We caught up with Belle’s owner, Lisa, all about her active companion and what it would mean for them to join the Autarky team.


Q. We would you like Belle to be a part of The Kennel?

A. “I believe she would be a great asset to the team. From the day we got her at eight weeks old, she has been a fussy eater! Driving me out of my mind, we tried every brand possible and different ways of feeding her, but nothing worked until we tried Autarky. Since then, she has been thriving and never leaves a bowl unfinished. I always want the best for her and for her to be super healthy and fit—- and I love that Autarky food has such good quality ingredients!” 

Q. What’s Belle’s favourite activity and why?

A. “Belle and I both love agility — we started when she was six months old. I have high hopes that one day we will compete at Crufts! It's been a long dream of mine.”

Q. Tell us a fun fact about Belle that might surprise people.

A. “Even though she is a small collie, she takes up all the room on the bed.”

Q. How would you describe your dog in three words?

A. “Sassy, clever, and loving.” 

Find out more about Belle on Instagram: @the_bluemerlecollie_belle


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