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Mouse, also known to his friends as ‘Mantrailer on wheels’, is a German Shepherd who lives with EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency), meaning his normal digestive enzymes are lacking, affecting his ability to gain nutrition from food and the immune system. Sadly, last May, Mouse lost his muscle tone due to a septic paw. However, there is no stopping Mantrailer Mouse as he now has his very own pair of wheels.  

In Mantrailling, a dog has to use their nose to find a person. This is usually just for fun but can also be if someone is missing. Mouse is given an article, contaminated with the scent of the person to sniff. He then has to follow these trails of scent to locate the specific person.

Mouse, from Basingstoke, was nominated by Lisa Gorenflo from Mantrailling UK. Lisa told us: “Mouse is a German Shepherd, although you might not think it sometimes as he’s small for his breed, very gentle, all white and very fluffy. He is now 12 years young and well into his maturity, yet his work ethic has yet to waver.”

Mouse was nominated for being an awesome K9 Mantrailer and the perfect ambassador to represent the sport as inclusive for all dogs. Lisa told us: “Mouse doesn’t let anything stop him, and even though he now needs doggy wheels to get about, he still Mantrails as often as he can.”

Since he was 14 months old, Mouth has lived with EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency). Mouse’s owner, Joanne Bell, said: “Over the years, Mouse has had a few health scares, one of which left him with a head tilt and questionable eyesight. However, it’s never stopped him being the best in everything he does; agility, parkour, scent work, tracking… you name it.” 

Unfortunately, last May, Mouse had a septic paw and restricted exercise meant loss of his muscle tone. In Autumn, he then began getting rear end weakness, scuffing his toes, and losing awareness of his hind legs and tail. As a result, Joanne told us: “We got him some wheels!” 

Joanne then went on to say: “Mouse absolutely loves Mantrailling, and it really motivates and energises him. He comes to life when he sees his trailing harness and does the ‘shepherd squeal’. When he is trailing, his enthusiasm and motivation is infectious. He lets nothing stop him finding his missing person and using the wheels hasn’t hindered his trailing ability at all.

“Mantrailling allows him to enjoy using his brain without negatively impacting his body or needing to use his limited eyesight. Following a scent doesn’t require him to see or be able bodied, just to be enthusiastic about the game.” 

Lisa, from Mantrailling UK, concluded by saying: “Mouse in an absolute inspiration, proving that dogs of any physical ability can become awesome Mantraillers.”

If Mouse has stolen your heart and you think he should win the Sports & Performance Dogs category, putting her in the running for the title of Autarky Hardest Working Dog 2021, then make sure you cast your vote here.

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