Service Dogs - PD Ziva

Police Dog Ziva has been nominated by Police Sergeant, Iain McAlpine from the Police Scotland Dog Training Centre. In the four years of dedicated service, she’s found numerous missing people, who otherwise may never have been found. She’s also discovered pieces of evidence relating to crime, which had been thrown away or hidden by criminals. PS Iain told us: “She was able to do this much quicker than any human could have done on their own.”

PD Ziva started her service as a general-purpose police dog with Police Scotland in 2017, completing her initial training with her handler, PC Janet Findlay. PD Ziva was trained to a very high standard, passing with flying colours and being noted particularly for her ability to follow a track. This ability allows her to find people by following the scent they leave behind, both on the ground and in the air.

PD Ziva has worked tirelessly throughout her service, reaching an advanced level. She completed her last tour of duty before retiring with her handler, PC Findlay, in March 2021.

PC Findlay told us: “On her final tour of duty, PD Ziva was called up to help search a woodland area after reports of distressed screaming. PD Ziva put her incredible sense of smell to good use and, after searching for a short period of time, she found an abandoned tent. Due to the scent left behind, PD Ziva knew her worked wasn’t finished.

“She picked up a track from the tent, and a short distance later found someone lying in the bushes. The person was helped to safety; however, PD Ziva knew the job still wasn’t done. She continued her search relentlessly and tracked down another person hidden in the undergrowth. The trail ended at this person, and they were arrested.”

Without PD Ziva’s undoubted skills, this incident (and many others) would have taken officers many more hours to deal with. PS Iain told us: “The team she formed with PC Findlay has, without question, saved many lives and helped to keep the community safe. I have no doubts that she’s worthy of a nomination in the Service Dogs category for the UK’s Hardest Working Dog 2021.”

PC Findlay concluded: “PD Ziva now lives with me along with three retired police spaniels. PD Ziva was, and still is, my partner in crime. She kept me safe, and I felt so confident going into any situation with her knowing she had my back and I had hers.”

If you think PD Ziva’s hard work means she deserves to win the Service Dogs category, putting her in the running for the title of Autarky Hardest Working Dog 2021, then make sure you cast your vote here.


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