Service Dogs - PD Wez

Hardworking four-year-old German Shepherd PD Wez from Wednesbury Police Station has been nominated by Police Sergeant Fleur Tedstill. She says he deserves his time to shine thanks to the incredible work he’s undertaken over the past 12 months, despite the tough challenges he’s faced.

PD Wez’s handler PC Marie Darby told us: “To say that PD Wez enjoys his job would be an understatement — he absolutely loves it. PD Wez brings so much energy to every job and truly loves his life.”

When we asked PS Tedstill about the challenges of PD Wez’s role, she said: “In May 2020, PD Wez attended a report of a wanted male that had run off and hidden from officers. PD Wez tracked, found the male and quickly detained him. The male sadly tried to strangle PD Wez with his collar, but PD Wez maintained his hold of him until his handler arrived.”

She added: “In August 2020, Wez was deployed to search a street following an attempted carjacking. PD Wez located a machete underneath a vehicle and a further machete under a gateway. His work meant two dangerous weapons were removed from the street.”

And that’s not all. PS Tedstill recalled: "In October 2020, PD Wez tracked a number of males who were thought to have been involved in a disorder with weapons. One male ran from PD Wez and was chased and detained. However, the male dragged Wez down a flight of stairs where they fell together at the bottom. A Rambo-style knife was discarded by the male where they had fallen.”

These are just some of PD Wez’s outstanding jobs in the past 18 months. The work ethic and prisoner detention rate of Wez’s team are the highest in the department. PS Tedstill went on to tell us: “I believe Wez is worthy of the UK’s Hardest Working Dog award as he shows a range of skills, from tracking offender and finding stolen property, to showing outstanding bravery and resilience.  On a daily basis, he helps to protect the public of the West Midlands.”

PD Wez’s handler, PC Darby, added: “During his three-year career so far (and despite his young age), he has protected me, fellow officers, members of the public and himself, as well as using his super senses to sniff out offenders. I put my life in his rather large paws every day and, equally, we always have each other’s back. We are a team, and he makes me very proud.”

If you think PD Wez’s hard work means he deserves to win the Service Dogs category, putting him in the running for the title of Autarky Hardest Working Dog 2021, then make sure you cast your vote here.


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