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Not only is Rocket an amazingly talented cani-cross dog, but he’s also 17-year-old Duncan’s best friend – and the incredible partnership they share has seen their sporting success go from strength to strength.

Duncan’s mum, Hilary Robinson, says: “Rocket became part of our family four years ago. Duncan already cani-crossed for several years with our Border Terrier but longed for his own dog. He saved every penny he got for over a year so he could buy him.

“Cani-cross is a sport which involves cross-country running as a team with your dog who pulls you, ideally. It involves a lot of training. The dogs must learn to pull into their specialised harness and learn commands so they can listen to their runner and know where to go and how to run on the trails. They need to know when to go faster, slower, overtake or pull in.

“It is a team sport, so it is essential to have a good bond with your dog. They need to trust you, and vice versa. Rocket is a GSP/Pointer/Springer-cross – the perfect mix for Duncan. Full of boundless energy, loves to run, a fast learner and loves nothing more than spending time with Duncan.

“We quickly realised that these two were a great team, always performing well at races, making the podium from their very first race and progressing to winning the Scottish National Championships.

“Four years on and they have been to Belgium last October to compete in the ICF European Cani-cross Championships as part of the British Team. The competition was really tough in the Junior Men’s category, but they left with a silver medal.

“Duncan said Rocket was just awesome and couldn’t believe they managed to do so well in their first international race. From there, they travelled to Sweden to participate in the IFSS World Cani-cross Championships a week later. They left after two days of incredibly hard racing with a gold medal. To say that Duncan was delighted they were now World Champions was an understatement. He is so proud of Rocket.

“He works his paws off in very demanding race situations and can sense when Duncan needs him to step up and give him absolutely everything left in the tank. He’s such a hardworking dog and truly loves his sport. They’re now in training for next year’s races.”

If Rocket has stolen your heart and you think he should win the Sports & Performance Dogs category, putting him in the running for the title of Autarky Hardest Working Dog 2020, then make sure you cast your vote when voting goes live on January 20th, 2020.

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