PD Darcey - Service Dogs

Picture1PC Tom Mills and PD Darcey, from Surrey and Sussex Police Dog Section, have the perfect working relationship – from sniffing out missing people to tracking down criminals, and even saving the life of an extremely vulnerable person whose life hung in the balance until Darcey came to the rescue.

PC Tom Mills explains: “Darcey is my general-purpose police dog and is trained in searching for people, searching for discarded evidence, catching criminals and protecting me.
“When I first met her, I thought she was too small. She was a fraction of the size of my previous police dog and is still one of the smallest dogs within our unit. Very soon after meeting her, though, I discovered that what she lacks in size she makes up for in tenacity.

“Darcey loves being a police dog and always wants to make me happy. Her best times are when we work together and find someone hiding because she gets a reward but also sees how happy I am. I really think this is a big part of why she really enjoys her work.

“She has protected me on numerous occasions and, despite her size, is fearless when it comes to taking on aggressive people.

“She has saved people’s lives by finding them, has found many criminals who have been arrested, but also works heavily with our firearms teams. The firearms officers genuinely love Darcey as she sees that they are part of her pack and they can handle her and work closely next to her without feeling intimidated. She is there to protect them on firearms jobs, and she does this really well. I am always asked by other officers how she is doing and if they can see her.

“She has the nicest personality and is clearly very kind but knows exactly what she has to do at work and, in my opinion, is the perfect police dog. I am completely in love with her.”
PC Tom Mills and PD Darcey were awarded the ‘Police Dog Team Operational or Humanitarian Action of the Year 2019’ for their incredible actions one day. The citation explains: “On Tuesday 22 January 2018, a call was received from a man stating he was going to hang himself in East Park, Brighton. Police Constable Tom Mills was dispatched with Police Dog Darcey. Due to his local knowledge, PC Mills identified a wooded area where he believed the man could potentially be, and deployed PC Darcey to search.

“Very quickly, PC Darcey indicated by barking that she had located a person. As PC Mills approached, he identified a man next to a tree. Initially, he appeared he was standing; but, it quickly became apparent that he was hanging from the tree and unconscious. PC Mills cut the man down, removed the ligature from around his neck and radioed his location to colleagues.

“At this point, other units arrived on the scene to assist and commenced CPR, whilst PC Mills guided paramedics to the location. The man was put into an induced coma at hospital but has now made a full recovery.
“PC Mills and PD Darcey saved a life by using local knowledge and police skills to locate a vulnerable victim in time-critical circumstances, showcasing excellent teamwork.”

If you think PD Darcey’s hard work means she deserves to win the Service Dogs category, putting her in the running for the title of Autarky Hardest Working Dog 2020, then make sure you cast your vote when voting goes live on February 17th, 2020.

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