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Despite being a relatively new member of his unit, PD Captain has shown incredible natural skill and dedication to his role from the start, including tracking down the same missing vulnerable person on six separate occasions.

Breed Scheme Manager David Raymond, from West Midlands Police Dog Unit, says: “I would like to nominate PD Captain for his exceptional work over the last 12 months with PC Cottrell. They are a brand-new dog handling team, with PC Cottrell being a novice dog handler and PD Captain being a very young dog bred in the West Midlands scheme, starting their journey as a dog handling duo last year.

“The team hit the streets running with multiple detections and property gathered to help piece together vital evidence – most detections resulted in offenders giving up with a few offenders trying to attack the officer or fleeing resulting in PD Captain detaining them.

“An elderly male with dementia was missing from his home address and known to be a power walker, covering a significant distance in a short period of time.
“PC Cottrell and PD Captain volunteered to attend the incident and, due to previous experience as an LSO of missing person’s with dementia, PC Cottrell deployed PD Captain a distance away from the missing person’s home address but on the likely route. Approximately 500 metres from the place PD Captain was deployed, the vulnerable male was found safe and well and returned home. The male is known to walk on/near to the M42 motorway, which has obvious dangers!

“In total, PD Captain has been involved in locating this vulnerable male six times, on and off duty.

“Other examples include tracking down a 10-year-old missing from school after expressing suicidal thoughts due to bullying. Numerous officers were deployed to look for the boy. A sighting at the main entrance to a tower block led PC Cottrell to deploy PD Captain, who tracked away from the block, across a bridge before the boy was located safe and well a short time later.

“On another occasion, a lady known to the mental health services made a call threatening to kill herself by going onto the railway tracks. Members of the public also phoned and reported a lady walking along the tracks.
“PC Cottrell and PD Captain were nearby to the location of the incident and volunteered to attend. Upon arrival at the location, a level crossing, the female could be seen in the distance walking along the railway tracks. The trains had not been stopped at this point as the location the female was on the tracks had not been confirmed.

“PC Cottrell and PD Captain deployed onto the railway tracks and ran up to the female, detaining her. She was un-cooperative and refused to comply with PC Cottrell’s instructions.
“With the help of PD Captain, the female was convinced to leave the tracks with PC Cottrell to the safety of the Police vehicle. A minute or so later, a train came along the same line, which could have been fatal if the female had not been removed by PC Cottrell and PD Captain.”

“PD Captain is a very well-balanced social dog; proven by the multiple vulnerable people he has located. He can apprehend and protect his officer when required. This is a tremendous effort for the newly qualified team.”
If you think PD Captain’s hard work means he deserves to win the Service Dogs category, putting him in the running for the title of Autarky Hardest Working Dog 2020, then make sure you cast your vote when voting goes live on February 17th, 2020.


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