28-Day Challenge


Autarky’s 28 Day Challenge is designed to support your active working dog’s physical and mental agility! You’ll gradually introduce your dog to one of our naturally balanced diets and complete simple daily challenges that support your dog’s health and happiness.

If your dog is lethargic or hyperactive, there’s a good chance that their diet is imbalanced with the wrong nutrient levels. To produce the correct amount of energy required for activity and for speed, the type of food consumed is more crucial than the amount of food. This is why Autarky has designed diets which support energy metabolism through key nutraceuticals like B-vitamins, carnitine and taurine and adjusted carbohydrate to fat ratios.

We hope you’ll spot changes in the condition of your dog’s coat, which may be shinier, softer or thicker – a result of the natural nutrients like essential fatty acids, zinc, B-vitamins, copper and amino acids that are at the heart of Autarky’s grain-free food. As its hypoallergenic, you might also see the elimination of any allergic reactions, diarrhea or vomiting.

And to add some fun, each day will bring a new challenge, from hill walks to treasure hunts – all designed to improve your dog’s energy levels, weight management and mental well-being.

We hope you enjoy the 28 Day Challenge and your dog feels the benefits of our 100% natural goodness and holistic approach. Why not take a photo today and compare it to your dog’s appearance on day 28? We hope you’ll spot the difference, and we’re looking forward to seeing your results! Use #28DayChallenge and #ActiveWithAutarky when posting on social media – we’d love to be kept updated on your progress.

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