Why have we excluded wheat-gluten from our recipes?

The pros and cons of wheat-gluten in dog food have long been debated, but the reality is that no two dogs are the same. We develop every Autarky recipe with this mantra in mind, we formulate our recipes to be hypoallergenic which means they’re less likely to cause a negative reaction.

Wheat-gluten is no exception, and we’ve excluded the ingredient from all our recipes. Below we’ve provided a rundown of all you need to know about wheat-gluten in our dog food and how Autarky recipes have been adapted in its absence.

What is wheat-gluten?

Simply put, wheat gluten is the main protein of wheat. Gluten is found in specific types of grain and cereals — particularly, wheat, rye and barley.

However, wheat-gluten is one of the most common food allergens for sensitive dogs. If a dog consumes an ingredient that they are intolerant or allergic to, it can cause a whole host of symptoms, such as flatulence, poor stool consistency, and dermatitis.

Why have we excluded wheat-gluten from our dog food?

While we know that not all dogs will be intolerant to wheat-gluten, we try to avoid ingredients that are commonly found to provoke allergies and hypersensitivities in dogs. That’s why we also formulate our recipes without beef, soya, egg and dairy.

However, it’s important to note that cereals can still be a valuable addition to a dog’s diet, and, with the exclusion of wheat-gluten, how can we make sure that our dogs reap the rewards of cereal-based foods?

As an alternative, we use maize, rice and oats as nutritious carbohydrate sources in some of our recipes as they are less commonly associated with allergies.

Does Autarky have grain-free options?

We understand that some dogs are more sensitive than others and may require feed that is completely free of grains. Our Autarky Tasty White Fish & Potato and Autarky Tantalising Turkey & Potato are great grain-free options and provide all the same nutritional benefits as our regular feed. Both contain potato and sweet potato as an alternative carbohydrate source to help provide all the energy requirements for today’s working and active dogs.

If you’d like to learn more about or products or need advice on feeding your dog, our friendly, experienced team is on hand to help Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 5pm on 01832 737 300.


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