Three clues on when to transition your puppy on to an adult diet

Getting a puppy is an exciting time! Choosing the breed that is right for you means decisions on several factors like lifestyle, activity level and size of breed which should all be supported by a healthy diet. The right food is an important building block in canine health, especially so for a growing puppy.

The Autarky range provides a natural, nutritionally-complete diet for every single life stage of dog. By feeding a quality diet from the first few weeks of life you are stepping in the right direction toward a lifetime of quality nutrition and overall good health. With natural goodness at the forefront of the formulation process, you can be sure that feeding Autarky ticks all the right boxes of a holistically balanced diet incorporating all the right ingredients for an active and healthy puppy.

‘How long should I be feeding puppy food?’

Autarky puppy food can be fed from weaning or from when your puppy arrives home, as with any diet, it is important to introduce any change slowly to prevent stomach upset. This is especially true when changing protein source, for example chicken to beef. ‘Little and often’ is the rule to follow when feeding your puppy in the first few months. Feeding 4 meals per day until around 4 months of age helps to prevent bloat, improves digestive efficiency and helps the puppy feel fuller for longer.

Clue One

First key clue is your dog’s skeletal maturity and is the main consideration when deciding to move to an adult diet. As a general rule of thumb, larger dogs mature at a slower rate and smaller dogs reach skeletal maturity more quickly. Skeletal maturity refers to the measure of development, size and degree of mineralization of the growth plates, at point of closure of the growth plates it is said that full skeletal maturity has been reached.

Clue Two (well, more a guide!)

On the back of all of our packaging is our useful Autarky feeding guidelines that detail four different predicted adult weight categories and the corresponding feeding guideline according to your puppy’s age. You will notice that your puppy’s predicted adult weight has a direct relationship with the age that puppy food is fed until. Your puppy’s breeder or a veterinarian will be able to give you a good indication of the likely adult weight of your dog if you need some guidance. A working example would be a small 8kg terrier breed would move to our Autarky Adult Salmon diet at 8 months old, but a German Shepherd may continue on puppy food until her first birthday.

Clue 3

Lastly, a steady increase in weight is an important part of healthy growth in puppies, it is a marker of increase in skeletal, muscle and organ development. Our Autarky diets are designed with the active dog in mind, having said that a puppy that is gaining weight a little too quickly at around 9 months old may benefit from moving to an adult diet sooner. This move will result in less calories per weight fed and a lower protein content. It is important to note that a high percentage protein inclusion is not always indicative of food quality and diets should be considered on an individual basis. Our wheat gluten and soya-free recipe with selected natural ingredients and a balance of minerals and high-quality protein ensures puppies are provided with moderate, slow-release energy that prevents excessive energy or hyperactivity. The added Taurine amino acids and Vitamin E minerals promote neural development and learning; providing the perfect support for keeping your active dog mentally and physically stimulated throughout their development.

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