Feeding the older dog with Autarky

Just like you, your dog’s needs will change as they grow older and their nutrition becomes increasingly important. This short guide will help you to ensure your older dog is getting the best from their food.

A dog’s appetite can decrease as they age. If you notice that they have started to take longer to eat their meals or are leaving food each time feeding them smaller, more frequent meals can encourage them to eat, and digest, the right amount of food each day.

Feeding an age-specific complete food to your older dogs will help to ensure that they are getting all of the nutrients they need to help them live long healthy lives. It is widely recommended that a dog should be classed as Senior from the age of 7 but every dog is different! Offering a hypoallergenic diet for dogs, Autarky Mature Lite contains natural ingredients which contribute to your dog’s health and happiness as they reach their own twilight years.

Older dogs can be more prone to dehydration so make sure they always have access to fresh, cool water can help encourage your dog to drink more.

As dog’s age, their metabolisms may slow which makes it trickier for them to fight the flab! Keeping your four-legged friend at the correct weight will help them to live longer, healthier lives. Autarky Mature Lite has been developed with a moderate calorie content to help prevent excessive weight gain as well as being formulated with natural antioxidants and herbs to support the immune system and prebiotics for digestive health.

If your older dog has begun to lose their teeth or has started to struggle to chew, make sure you give them a feed that is suitable for old teeth. Some older dogs even experience a lesser ability to taste different flavours and this can be a reason why older dogs become disinterested in the food that they are used to. Adding a small amount of water or gravy will not only soften the kibble but also enhance the aroma for those dogs who have lost their sense of smell. By making sure their meals are as palatable as possible, you can help to ensure they eat up, every mealtime! Did you know dogs benefit from a range of fruits and vegetables just like you? Melon, green beans, apple and broccoli are all perfectly safe to feed your dogs and may even help with fussy eaters.

Older dogs can suffer from stiff or deteriorating joints just like us. Years of running, jumping and playing can cause a degree of wear and tear and offering support by way of minerals, can help to keep your dog feeling their best! Autarky Mature Lite provides additional support for joint mobility and function, including Glucosamine, to help keep your playing for as long as possible.

Our friendly, experienced team are always happy to provide advice on feeding your dog, whatever their age, on our Nutritional Helpline 01832 737 300, Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5pm.

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