Autarky #28DayChallenge – the results!

Autarky #28DayChallenge – the results!

We recently challenged four owners to gradually switch their active dogs’ diet to Autarky over 28 days to see what changes they would notice in their canines’ well-being, condition and performance.

As part of the challenge we gave each owner some simple daily challenges to complete – ranging from puzzle-feed games to circular off-road walks to name a few - which were all designed to support their dogs’ health and happiness.

Each owner received a pack which included a measuring scoop, the required feed following a consultation with our Nutritional Helpline and a checklist to help them make the switch whilst also helping them to them identify any improvements in their dogs’ physical and mental health.

If you follow our social media channels, you will have seen that we shared the challengers’ updates along the way. But the trial is now over for our four active dogs, and we are pleased to reveal the final verdicts from each of our challengers below...

Natalie and Pippa (@PippaOnTheProwl on Instagram) 

Pippa is a five-year old Border Collie who enjoys prowling the British countryside with her owner, Natalie. Pippa suffers from hip dysplasia, and undergoes regular hydrotherapy, but this doesn’t deter her adventurous nature!

Before starting the 28 Day Challenge, Pippa was raw-fed, but Natalie was keen to see what difference Autarky Grain-Free Tantalising Turkey and Potato could make to her canine’s overall well-being.

Here’s Natalie’s final thoughts: “We really enjoyed taking part in the 28 Day Challenge; it has been an absolute journey and so much fun bonding with Pippa in situations we wouldn’t normally participate in. Her coat is in the best condition I’ve ever known it - shiny and unbelievably soft. She’s got her pep back and is totally loving her new Autarky diet; she’s willing to work for her kibble when out and about, and she seems very content!

“We’ve already made the decision to continue using Autarky as we’re very happy with the improvements in her overall health and well-being - and have our second bag already ordered

Web image Pippa

Lexi and Isla (@Project_Pupper on Instagram)

German Shepherd Isla was the youngest of the four challengers. Owner Lexi chose our Tasty White Fish & Potato feed for Isla as she had previously used the Autarky Puppy/Junior mix with success.

Lexi says: “I was very excited to take part in the challenge and eager to see positive changes in Isla – and there were a lot! Her coat changed first - it became softer with an added shine, and it looks and feels a lot healthier! The food was great for her sensitive stomach and gave her the nutrition she needed for her lifestyle, with the bonus of her loving mealtimes!

“With other foods, I noticed that her energy levels, and even her disposition, were temperamental; she had massive energy spurts, never stopped, would constantly be on the lookout for food and was snappy at other dogs when she found any!

“Since being fed on Autarky, she doesn’t scrounge, she can be fed side-by-side with our other dog, and I fully believe it’s because Autarky gives her the correct nutrients and contains no nasties!

“The challenges were excellent! The walks gave us the perfect opportunity to do some obedience and lead training, and the brain games helped with her scent and focus work. We will absolutely be continuing to feed Isla on an Autarky diet.

Web image Wilma

Harriet and Wilma (@HarrietLodge_ on Instagram)

Harriet owns three-year old German Shorthaired Pointer, Wilma, and they both share a love of the outdoors. Overall, Harriet noticed positive change in Wilma, which she shared with us: “I’m very happy with her stools; they are a lot firmer and there’s not as much either. The challenges also showed that she wasn’t as ‘wired’ as she was on her previous food.”

“She’s put on weight (1.2kg), which is what we wanted as she was looking a bit on the ‘lean’ side. We are definitely keeping her on Autarky but are going to get the grain-free Turkey & Potato to see if she’s keener on the flavour than the White Fish and Potato.”


Stuart and Albert (@AlbertSpanner on Twitter)

Finding the right diet for your dog can be a challenge for many, which is why it’s important to gradually introduce a new food to see if it suits your dog. Our final challenger was the oldest of the pack - 13-year-old Springer Spaniel, Albert.

On day 13, his owner made the sensible decision to withdraw from the challenge as the food wasn’t suiting Albert. He discussed the decision with the Autarky Nutritional Helpline and chose to return to his previous feed, and we commend his owner for putting his dog’s needs first.

Owner Stuart says: “It was unfortunate that Albert didn’t get on with the food but we did have fun doing the challenges - some were a bit beyond him so I made up different things for him to do instead (see my Twitter feed for some laughs!). Thanks for asking us to try it, anyway.”

Albert’s experience highlights the importance of gradually introducing your dog to a new diet and monitoring your dog’s reaction to a new feed to see if it suits them, as your dogs overall health is extremely important and they each have individual aliments and sensitivities.Albert started the challenge on our Succulent Salmon Lite diet.


Have you been inspired by any of our challenger and you’re looking for advice on your dog’s nutrition? Contact our Nutritional Helpline on 0845 345 2630 for more information on how to gradually switch your dog’s diet to Autarky.

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